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The Energy Audit Company, an award winning, innovative consultancy

The UNO Energy team is part of the Energy Audit Company, an award winning, innovative consultancy.  For 20 years EAC has been working on energy efficiency and fuel poverty issues with local authorities, housing associations, government departments, universities etc.  UNO Energy brings together all our expertise in strategic development, data analysis and software design.

The team is led by Dr Bill Wilkinson. Bill has been a familiar figure in energy efficiency circles for many years, having helped to develop the National Home Energy Rating (NHER) Scheme prior to its launch in 1990, and was given a lifetime award by The National Energy Foundation in 2000.

Under Bill’s guidance, EAC has become a national leader in calculating energy ratings, carbon emissions and running costs for large data sets. The work has been influential on policy at the highest level including the Government’s review of the Warm Front programme in 2005. Bill is a member of the Fuel Poverty Methodology Group which advises Government on calculating fuel poverty and is the main contact for UNO Energy.

Kevin Jobson was a research physicist before joining EAC in 2009 and becoming the lead programmer for UNO. He is an expert in BREDEM (Building Research Establishment Domestic Energy Model) and has used this knowledge to develop several different calculation models for our UNO database, allowing amongst other things for ratings from different versions of SAP to be simultaneously calculated for the same property.  Kevin designed and programmed the latest version of UNO and is responsible for the ongoing development of the UNO products.  In addition he has pioneered several data assimilation/analysis techniques that make it easier to populate databases from different data sources, including a proprietary address matching tool and the ability to transform static Energy Performance Certificate data into dynamic datasets for use in UNO.  He is also an experienced software trainer, being responsible for delivering client training since 2015. 

Marion Hart joined EAC 10 years ago, having been a senior manager in a local authority. She is the author with Bill of a number of articles and reports on SAP targets and affordable warmth. She also project managed an award winning area based scheme in Northumberland, which pioneered the strategic use of energy data to target free insulation. Marion is responsible for project management, marketing and continuous improvement.

The team is based in rural Northumberland, but supports clients throughout the UK. We set out to offer the highest standards of service and an excellent product that our clients feel fully meets their needs for functionality, user friendliness and value. When a new customer begins to use UNO, we want them to go on doing so for many years to come, so we do our best to understand and meet their requirements at the outset and again and again over the years.  



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