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UNO Features

Software & Services for the housing sector

UNO is a powerful energy database. It is capable of complex analysis of very large data sets, consisting of hundreds of thousands of records. Yet it is extremely easy to use. It is also highly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of functions, from maintaining comprehensive data on individual properties through to scenario planning, from helping to identify individual households, streets and areas to be targeted for specific measures, to “before” and “after” comparisons following an offer or campaign.

UNO main features

  • UNO screens are well designed and easy on the eye with clearly displayed data
  • Searching, filtering, processing, importing and exporting are quick and easy
  • Multiple filters mean you can analyse records with a number of relevant characteristics in a single operation
  • Data attribution enables you to record the source and date of each piece of data for quality assurance and future reporting
  • You can create your own fuel cost files – useful for scenario planning for fuel poverty
  • UNO uses data up to full RdSAP level, including solar PV and hot water, wind turbines, heat pumps etc. For the more advanced user, UNO can even go beyond RdSAP, allowing you to put in the actual U-values of walls and windows for example – useful in situations where the specification is known
  • 100 user definable fields allow you to include relevant information about small areas such as census data, numbers on benefit, household income, fuel poverty indicator etc
  • Individual photo albums can be created, opened from each property’s screen – useful to contain survey pictures and EPCs
  • A reports screen shows the results for your stock, such as SAP ratings, running costs and CO2 emissions, in clear graphical and table formats that can easily be exported into other applications (for instance to include in a report)


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