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UNO is used to:
  • Hold, manage and analyse data on large numbers of individual dwellings
  • Produce profile reports to show energy ratings, running costs, CO2 emissions
  • produce data to support bids for funding or partnerships
  • provide data for statistical returns
  • identify households at risk of fuel poverty
  • target streets and areas, to produce address lists, work programmes etc
  • analyse the effect of improvements  , price rises and other interventions on levels of  fuel poverty and CO2 emissions
  • monitor progress


Contact Us

Wandylaw House
NE67 5HG

T: 01665 494678
F: 0870 458 4889

The Energy Audit Company Limited. Registered in England no. 2105575. Registered Office: 51 Lancaster Avenue, London SE27 9EL. VAT no. 601011722
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