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Uno incorporates a mapping system, allowing you to tie your housing stock’s energy data to real-world locations without having to export data to a separate GIS system.


Street map



UNO's mapping module allows you to zoom in to the individual property level where you can display the characteristics of the homes, allowing you to investigate areas and answer questions such as “Why are these homes so fuel inefficient?” and “What needs to be done to make them more efficient?” 




LSOA CO2 emissions



In the zoomed out view the energy results can be averaged to differently sized areas and displayed on the map, allowing you to show characteristics such as average CO2 emissions at output area, lower super output area and ward level. In turn, this means you can target resources toward those areas in most need of assistance, according to what your improvement program’s priorities are. 




Fuel poverty


UNO can store extra information about homes in its reference fields and this information can also be displayed in the mapping feature. We populate some of these reference fields with BEIS’s fuel poverty statistics so you can also instantly see where your areas of high and low fuel poverty are, again allowing you to target resources more efficiently.





The mapping module can also quickly export images of the map, allowing you to incorporate them into reports.  It works seamlessly with UNO’s other features, adding to the already rich feature set of the program. Getting lists of addresses from areas you are interested in is a simple task with UNO’s exporting tools. Reports listing what improvements can be made to which homes can be generated for every home where there is data. UNO’s Reports section can analyse data and results for each area you are interested in and can be easily exported for use in reporting and presentations.



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